Al Cimino

Al Cimino is the author of some 250 books under his own name and as Nigel Cawthorne, Gordon Bowers, Alexander Macdonald, Karl Streisand, Opal Streisand, Catherine Ryan and Owen Wilson.

Christopher Berry-Dee

A noted writer and criminologist, Christopher Berry-Dee's recent books include Talking With Psychopaths and Savages, the UK's bestselling true-crime title of 2017, and Talking With Female Serial Killers. He is the country's No. 1 true-crime author.

Diana Mackintosh and Douglas Thompson

Diana Mackintosh, at 101, remains as cool and collected as she was using a Spitfire as a wartime taxi, socialising with the Queen and the royalty of British cinema, Hollywood and theatreland.

Douglas Thompson is the author of many non-fiction books covering an eclectic mix of subjects from major Hollywood biographies to revelatory best-sellers about remarkable people and events. An author, broadcaster and international journalist, he is a regular contributor to major newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Emily Herbert

Emily Herbert is an experienced author and journalist. She has written biographies of numerous celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Katie Price, Gok Wan and Stephen Gately and contributed to a range of national newspapers. Emily is based in London and her hobbies are ballet, yoga and wine.

Nigel Cawthorne

Nigel Cawthorne is the author of some eighty books - and a major contributor to at least twenty more. He lives in Bloomsbury, London's literary area, and writes in the great British Library, which is supposed to be one of the best pick-up joints in London. However, his reputation is such that people will tell you he is more often seen drinking in Soho's famous bohemian watering hole, the French pub.

Peter Bleksley

Author, investigator, playwright, broadcaster and the former Chief on Channel 4’s hit shows Hunted and Celebrity Hunted, Peter Bleksley has lived an astonishing life since retiring as a Scotland Yard Detective, where he earned a glittering reputation as a fearless undercover cop.

Rachel Brown and Warren FitzGerald

Warren FitzGerald was born in 1973 in Hertfordshire. He is an author and screenwriter. His debut novel The Go-Away Bird won an Amazon Rising Stars Award, was longlisted for the Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award and was Waterstones’ Book of the Month in October 2011. His first non-fiction book All in the Same Boat (published in 2016), has been optioned for the screen with Warren himself co-writing the screenplay adaptation. Breaking Dad (a memoir written in collaboration with the subject James Lubbock) was published in 2019. It too has been optioned for the screen.

Rachel Brown was born in Bromborough and grew up in Spital, Bebington on the Wirral Peninsula. Blessed with a happy childhood and close family, she attended Stanton Road Primary School and Bebington Secondary School For Girls before becoming a professional dancer, working with dance troupes all over the world for seven years. Rachel now lives back in Bromborough with her three children Sam, Ben and Harriet. She is happily partnered to Brian McCann.

Roberto Sendoya Escobar

Roberto Sendoya Escobar lives with his wife in a remote finca on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca under his adopted name of Phillip Witcomb. He works as an acclaimed fine artist, and his work sells for many thousands of pounds. He plans to donate a substantial percentage of profits from Son of Escobar: First Born to charities which benefit young people.

Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts lives in Surrey with her husband Chris and their three children, Oscar, Alfie and Flo. After graduating from Laine Theatre Arts, Sarah spent her twenties dancing professionally and later went on to teach dance and drama. It wasn't until her first son Oscar came along, that she started writing and originally did so, as she found it an outlet, in helping her deal with Oscar's unexpected diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Sarah now writes a multi award winning blog called "Don't Be Sorry", which she's told helps others in a similar position to herself but also is her take on parenting, which many will find relatable. She has since become a social media influencer and spends a great deal of her time advocating for Down Syndrome, regularly talking to healthcare professionals about the importance of education on the subject

Terroll Lewis

Terroll Lewis is the founder of the Brixton Street Gym, a charity-based community gym that has gained a huge cult following in the short time it's been around. He also founded the BlockWorkOut Foundation - the charitable base that supports this amazing gym, making it accessible to everyone regardless of income - and The ManTalk, an online platform that promotes male positivity.

Fitness in the community is one of his biggest passions and has enabled him to become an Ambassador for the Personal Trainer Academy, the largest personal training academy in the UK, which teaches people from all walks of life how to improve their own and other's lives through fitness.

Terroll had been embroiled in some of the most serious street gang warfare ever seen in London, leading a band of armed and dangerous young men through the streets of the city, a wild time that ended in him being accused of murder. He was eventually acquitted of the crime and proven innocent, but is thankful for his time in prison, as it enabled him to re-evaluate his life and come out a better man, the man he is today.

Wensley Clarkson

Wensley Clarkson has investigated numerous crimes across the world for the past thirty years. His books – published in more than thirty countries – have sold two million copies. He has also written movie and TV screenplays and made numerous documentaries in the UK, US and Spain. His most recent major project is Florida-based TV series Boca Grande which he created, developed and wrote with BAFTA award-winning Peaky Blinders director David Caffrey.