Son of Escobar

After a secret mission led by an MI6 agent to recover a hoard of stolen cash culminates in a bloody shootout, from which Pablo Escobar escapes, only the distressing cries of a baby can be heard. That baby is Roberto Sendoya Escobar, eldest son of Pablo Escobar, and this is his long-awaited autobiography.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the MI6 agent takes pity on Roberto, and eventually adopts him. Pablo Escobar tries, repeatedly, to kidnap his son. Flanked by his trusty bodyguards, the child, unaware of his true identity, is allowed regular meetings with Escobar and it becomes apparent that the British government is working covertly with Escobar in an attempt to control the money laundering and drug trades.

Life becomes so dangerous, however, that Roberto is packed off to an English public school. Many years later, as Roberto’s adopted father lies dying in hospital, he hands his son a coded piece of paper which, he says, reveals the secret hiding place of the 'Escobar Missing millions' the world has been searching for!

The code is published in this book for the first time

"I enjoyed the heck out of it and would recommend it for anyone who is interested in the Pablo Escobar story."

5-star NetGalley review

Son of Escobar

First Born


ISBN  9781913543976 (HB)

9781913543969 (AIR TPB)

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EXTENT 288pp


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