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Secret Narco

"Another great book by the guv'nor of crime writers."

Amazon review

Secret Narco

The Great Train Robber whose partnership with Pablo Escobar turned Britain on to cocaine


ISBN 9781913543990

PRICE £8.99

EXTENT 240pp

FORMAT B format

BINDING Paperback

Like No Other Soldier.jpg

This is the extraordinary story of how Charlie Wilson – renowned as one of the leaders of the Great Train Robbery gang – turned his back on so-called traditional crime to become the underworld’s original narco by masterminding a multi-billion dollar drugs network in partnership with the original cocaine cowboy, Pablo Escobar.

Today, Wilson is infamous for helping turn cocaine into the Western World’s number one recreational drug of choice. Secret Narco unravels the bullet riddled story of South Londoner Wilson’s cocaine empire and his forays into the deadliest killing fields of all: South America. 

Meticulously researched, Secret Narco features interviews with many of Wilson’s friends, family members and enemies on both sides of the law enforcement divide, as well as associates of Pablo Escobar.

Secret Narco examines in detail the final, tragic circumstances behind Wilson and Escobar’s bloody deaths and how their twisted ‘partnership’ proved that gangsters never rest in peace.

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