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Pipe Dreams

‘Warm, insightful . . . hilarious and at times heartbreaking! A modern-day Dickens’ 

Abi Morgan

‘Original, funny, and heart-warming’ 

Lucy Searle, Homes & Garden

Pipe Dreams

Secret Diaries of a Neighbourhood Plumber


2 March 2023

ISBN13: 9781802470932

PRICE £9.99

EXTENT: 240pp

FORMAT:  B format


Like No Other Soldier.jpg

Ever wondered what really goes on behind closed doors?

Over more than twenty years working as a plumber, Nick has shared thousands of mugs of tea with hundreds of fascinating people. Here he gives his plumber’s-eye view of society in a series of entertaining, amusing and outrageous beneath-the-kitchen-sink dramas.

While fixing pipes, Nick was also looking for characters to write about. In his toolbox, in addition to spanners, he had a notebook, which wasn’t just for jotting down measurements. And ‘the secret plumber’ has some great stories to tell, about people who might just be your friends, family or neighbours.

There’s the frankly terrifying high-court judge, whose wife calls the shots; the divorcing woman, using him to help her build a rather bizarre botox business; and all the wonderful people he meets when his number is posted on Grindr as an LGBTQ+-friendly plumber.

This book is Tales of the Unexpected – in overalls. It shows London as it really is: one of the most diverse places on the planet, ranging from downright dangerous to preposterously posh. To Nick, London is a melting pot, filled with an extraordinary variety of fascinating people, who have one thing in common – they all need a plumber!

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