For The Love of Oscar

An open and honest account of a first-time mum. 

When Oscar was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth, Sarah talks about coming to terms with her new ‘normal’. How for a while there she grieved for the baby she always believed and hoped she would have and how she had suddenly found herself on a different path to the one she had always seen herself on. It’ll take you on a journey of the very raw and real emotions she experiences, yet it's both heart warming and funny.

She talks candidly about the ups and downs of not only parenthood but also parenting a child who happens to have additional needs. About people’s attitudes towards her and her child and the ridiculous things some say. She talks about the choices she faced when she made the decision she’d like to go on and have more children. The hospital appointments, the therapy sessions, the mountains of paperwork, the tantrums, the tears, the really stinky nappies. Did she mention the hospital appointments? - The juggle IS real.

"Interesting, informative and funny."

"Just wonderful."

" A must read!"

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For The Love of Oscar

Adventures bringing up a son who happens to have Down Syndrome


ISBN  9781913094010 (PB)

9781913543877 (Ebook)

PRICE £8.99

EXTENT 288pp

FORMAT B format

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