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Cold Blooded Murder

"A book for any follower of True Crime."

NetGalley review

Cold Blooded Murder

Shocking True Stories of Killers and Psychopaths


ISBN 9781913543518

PRICE £8.99

EXTENT 256pp

FORMAT B format

BINDING Paperback

Like No Other Soldier.jpg

Murder is the most vile crime known to man.

It can be triggered by love or money or sex. Those are the three big ticket items for homicide. But people are strange. They will kill for the most obscure and ridiculous of reasons. In 30 years covering murder, I have discovered each one has its own flavour. Cops and friends can be stunned by the evil lurking within a seemingly ordinary man or woman.

In this collection of some of the most memorable cases I've reported on, there are serial killers, rich kid monsters, football stars and wives in pursuit of hormone-charged hijinks… The very rich and the very poor. Successful lawyers and hotel executives. Southern belles who could melt butter with a come hither wink and a sexy drawl. Daddy’s girls with gleaming smiles, good marks and possessed by the devil.

These are stories of American crimes and they stretch from coast to coast.

You will find cheating husbands and wives so desperate for love that they’ll kill for it.

When the mob kills, it’s never personal. It’s strictly business. With the murderers in Cold Blooded Murder, it’s ALWAYS personal.

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