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Called by the Wild

Called by the Wild

The Dogs Trained to Protect Wildlife


ISBN 978-1802471380 (PB)

PRICE £9.99

EXTENT 320pp


BINDING Paperback

Like No Other Soldier.jpg

The thrilling story of a pioneering conservationist working with dogs to protect wildlife from poachers

Conraad de Rosner is a pioneering game ranger, working with dogs to protect wildlife against poachers – both ‘bushmeat’ poachers, who use cruel snares to trap animals, and criminal syndicates killing for rhinoceros horn and capturing critically endangered pangolins, the most trafficked animal in the world.

Con’s life – constantly at risk from poachers, wildlife and even his own fellow rangers – has been saved on numerous occasions by his devoted canine companions. His first dog, Zingela, a Weimaraner, saved Con from near certain death at the hands of two fellow rangers; on another occasion, Zingela alerted Con to a concealed wounded buffalo, one of Africa’s most dangerous animals, about to charge.

When Zingela was tragically killed, hit by a car while Con was away, the only meagre consolation was that Con had kept Landa, one of the nine puppies sired by Zingela. Landa followed in his father’s footsteps as the leader of the canine anti poaching team that is still operating today.

Con’s story is an epic of modern-day African wildlife conservation, filled with courage, adventure and romance.

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