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Be Kind: A Tribute to Caroline Flack

"A very fitting tribute."

"Thoughtful and well written."

"A deeply moving biography."

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Be Kind: A Tribute to Caroline Flack



ISBN 9781913543952 (PB)

9781913543945 (Ebook)
PRICE £8.99/£5.99
EXTENT 224pp


BINDING Paperback

Like No Other Soldier.jpg

Caroline Flack was the girl who had it all... beauty, talent, money, fame and a hugely successful career. 

But, away from the television cameras and the fabulous parties, there hid a lonely, frightened young woman. Caroline was already a rising star when she shot to fame as the presenter of Love Island. Yet, behind the scenes her love life was chaotic. She dated Prince Harry, Harry Styles and Russell Brand before finding love with tennis player Lewis Burton. Her world came crashing down on the night Lewis called 999 to report Caroline was attacking him. Police found Caroline hysterical and the couple covered in blood. Just as it seemed life could not be any worse Caroline was fired by ITV and barred by the courts from contacting Lewis. In this extraordinary and revealing book Emily Herbert talks with friends and celebrities to reveal the heart-breaking events, the intolerable bullying on social media, and a battle with mental health that led to the tragic death of this much-loved woman.

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